Louisiana Families Deserve Reproductive Justice

The state legislative session has barely begun and Senator Guillory (R-24) has already introduced S.B. 80, an extreme attempt to outlaw abortion and control Louisiana families' decisions about their future. This bill calls for Personhood to be put on the ballot this November, in an attempt to provide full legal rights to every fertilized egg "from the moment of conception." This bill has far reaching legal implications, but could first and foremost threaten the right to access abortion care, in-vitro fertilization, and other fertility treatments for Louisiana couples who want to start their own families.

Enough is enough.

Contact Senator Ben Nevers today and tell him, as Chair of the Judiciary A committee, that it is his responsibility to focus on what Louisiana wants and needs: real solutions to the budget deficit and policies that help, not harm, Louisiana families.

Note: if you can put this message into your own words, it will have even more of an effect.